Disc Golf

Ultimate Disc Golf Video Game

Disc Golf is a fun and easy to pick up sport that involves taking a disc and trying to throw it into a metal basket with chains on it. The overall popularity of disc golf has quickly risen in the last few years, but there has yet to be a modern video game that immerses a player in this great sport.

"Ultimate Disc Golf" will be the first disc golf video game that has a full locomotion system and allows a player to openly explore each course. It will also be the first to offer full game controller support (most previous disc golf games feature motion controller support exclusively), making the game much more accessible than other disc golf games in the past.

The game is currently in early Alpha status, and is available for PC. Though UDG is planned to eventually also be released on Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Game Features

  • The gameplay mechanics are unique but easy to learn featuring a simple "3-click" mechanic for throwing each disc.

  • Each course can be fully explored by the player giving the opportunity to enjoy the scenery or getting a feel for the terrain before making a throw.
  • Deep custom character creation system giving each player to give their disc golfer a unique style and personality.

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